Board of Directors

Rahul Thakral

Director Overseas Business

Jagat Jeet Singh

Director Business Intelligence

Satender Manithia

Director Technical

Liza Bhansali

Legal Advisor

Nisha Malik Fogat

Manager HRD

Deepa Antil

Corporate Relation

Anirudh Ramesh

Research & Development


  • Overall, we were very happy with the service. Samaarambh Solar Company made the whole process painless. We would definitely recommend them.
    Rishabh Jain
  • We were impressed with the install crew; the process was fast and they all seemed to be very well trained in their jobs.
    Pawan Kaur
  • I switched to solar because I wanted to insure that my electric bills would not increase in the future. I also wanted to insure a lifestyle that did not include making PG&E a beneficiary of my income.
    Viplow Pogra
  • I tell them two things – 1. Go with Samaarambh Solar[panels] and 2. You can’t beat the professionalism of Samaarambh Solar Company's install crew. My advice is to install solar as soon as you can.
    Shikhar Mohan

Our Brands

Our Brands

  • Fourth Partner Energy Pvt Ltd
  • 8 Minutes
  • Krishna Solar
  • Tri-H
  • North East Agency Private Limited
  • INA Energy
  • Soreva Energy Pvt Ltd
  • Statcon

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